College Questionnaire

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College Questionnaire

Payton Bowling, Writer

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Paige is a Senior at OHS who received the Dean’s Scholarship to Bradley University.

Q: What college are you planning on going to?

A: “Bradley University in Peoria.”


Q: What made you choose this college over others?

A: “Coming from a small town, I didn’t want to attend a huge university. Also it’s not too far from home, but it’s far enough for me to have some freedom.”


Q:Were applications confusing?

A: “No not really, they were pretty self-explanatory. The hardest part was writing my admissions essay and waiting to hear back on my acceptance.”


Q: What study opportunities are there?

A: “They have a study abroad program and over 180 other study programs.”


Q: What are you planning to major in?

A: “Nursing, they have a direct entrance nursing program for freshman.”


Q: Are you planning on entering any clubs freshman year? If so what?

A “I want to, maybe something crazy. I might try an intramural sport just for fun.”


Q: What is the biggest sport on campus?

A: “Probably the men’s basketball team and the women’s volleyball team.”


Q: What sports do they have?

A: “Bradley’s a D1 school, but they don’t have a football team. They do have basketball, softball and baseball, volleyball, soccer, and a lot of other sports though.”


Q: What are the dorms like? Shared bathrooms? Laundry?

A: “The dorms aren’t huge, but that’s normal. The layout of the dorms is really cool though, and it varies by room. The bathrooms are shared by floor. Also, the residence buildings each have their own laundry room where you use your on-campus money to do your laundry.”


Q: Are you required to stay in a dorm freshman year?

A: “Yeah, most freshman and sophomores are required to live on campus. There are exceptions if your family lives close to campus though.”


Q: Does this school offer meal plans?

A: “Yeah, they’re based on your living situation (on campus, off campus, faculty).”


Q: Do you plan on going into greek life?

A: “Maybe, I think being in a sorority would be a ton of fun. It’s a lot of commitment though.”



Q: Lastly, on a scale of 1-10 (10 being most excited) how excited are you to go to college?

A: “10. No offense to anybody, but I’m so ready to get out of here and meet new people.”

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