Maryn Bollinger at State!

Brooke Norberg, Writer

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On Saturday, November 3rd, Maryn Bollinger competed in the class 1A cross country state meet. Maryn started the crisp morning off with taking a warm up jog around the flat three mile course at Detweiller Park.

Q: How did you feel as you warmed up?

A: “I was really nervous, but the adrenaline was pumping. Also, brooke helped me when we were warming up by giving me words of wisdom and doing our typical prayer.”

After her warm up jog, Maryn approached box 26 to begin her standard parloff and sprint D. The race time was coming closer as she placed her bib numbers onto her jersey and got checked in.

Q: Did you feel prepared as you approached the line? What prepared you?

A: “I definitely felt prepared because of all the preparation all season leading up to this race. I think what prepared me was all the support I was given. I gave me a positive mindset and when you think positively you will run positively.”

The officials blew the whistle for final run outs, to take off sweats, and to get the race started.

Q: What was going through your mind as you waited for the gun?

A: “I was thinking that these girls are going to be super fast because before the race I was talking to the girls in my box and the boxes around me, which informed me that they ran three miles in under eighteen minutes.”

The gun went off and the cheers began. Maryn started out strong with trying to stick with the front pack. She started her first mile strong with running a time of 6:02, which made her en route to a sub 20 time. As Maryn approached the two mile mark, she hit a 13:10. She would have to cut down time to accomplish a sub 20 time. She kept pushing her legs as she saw the finish line in view. Although, Maryn came up short of a sub 20 by running 20:01, which was a new PR from her 20:25 from earlier in the season. Maryn finished 122 out of 209 girls in the class 1A race.

Q: How did you feel your state journey went?

A: “I thought is was super fun, which makes me want to work harder and return to the state meet next year as a junior. It was cool to have all the support and the signs people to time to make. I loved all of them.”


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Maryn Bollinger at State!