Song Review: Last Memory by Takeoff

Raymond Herd

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Last Memory” is the lead single off Takeoff’s new solo album The Last Rocket, set to release on November 2nd. I say new solo album because Takeoff is a member of the very successful rap trio of Migos. Migos also contains the other two members, Quavo and Offset. This isn’t the first time though that the Migos have gone solo. All three of them have been solo features on numerous songs. Quavo also has also gone solo for two solo albums titled Hancho Jack, Jack Huncho and QUAVO HUNCHO. 

Now back to “Last Memory”. The song has a runtime of  two minutes and fifty-one seconds (2:51). The song is relatively short because it only has one verse in the whole song. While the song is relatively short, it is incredibly catchy for a rap song. Takeoff and the rest of the Migos are known for creating incredibly catchy songs. The beat for the song definitely helps with the catchyness of the whole song. Then the shortness of the song makes you want to listen to it again, and again.

The song makes me excited for Takeoff’s new album. Also, this single shows promise for a solo career for Takeoff if the Migos ever stop creating music for whatever reason. The catchy beat and the short length of the song makes for a great single that I can’t stop listening to. I rate the song a 7 out of 10.

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