DIY – How to Clear Up Your Life

Morgan LaBelle

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A lot of people talk about “spring cleaning”, where they clean their house and get rid of stuff. This is almost the same concept, but with people, not material items. In this society, there are so many toxic people we let into our lives. It’s not healthy, people. If there are people in your life with these traits, kick them to the curb.

People who…

  • talk more than they listen
  • lie to you
  • are judgmental and often jealous
  • try to control you
  • are manipulative
  • lack common courtesy
  • are “never wrong”
  • never apologize
  • not caring or supportive
  • only care about themselves
  • are attention seekers
  • are always negative and adds negativity to your life

I hope you get the point. Clean out your life for YOU. Toxic people can easily damage your mental health, get rid of them and find better people to be friends with. High school is not the best place to find “new” friends because we have all gone to school together and have forced to be friends since kindergarten. Reach out to other people from different schools or the future college you are attending. Trust me, new friends are way better than trying to re-kindle old friendships.


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2 Responses to “DIY – How to Clear Up Your Life”

  1. Adrian Sowers on October 30th, 2018 8:25 am

    I believe you are wrong when you say that “new friends are way better than trying to re-kindle old friendships.” because sometimes friendships can be way better once they are re-kindled. They are even stronger sometimes.

  2. Morgan LaBelle on October 31st, 2018 1:25 pm

    Hi Adrian, that’s just how I personally feel. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, I respect yours, but just because we don’t agree does not mean that what I said was “wrong.” Have a great day!

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DIY – How to Clear Up Your Life