Paradigm: Davenport’s Gaming Facility

Sarah Jacobsen, Writer

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The director of Paradigm, Chase Neukam, has an open invitation on Thursday, October 25th from four, for anyone who is interested in exploring and learning more about Paradigm. Paradigm is the area’s first eSports and VR center. It has…

  • a 100-seat eSports arena outfitted with a professional broadcasting set-up
  • 15 virtual reality stalls with over 30 games and experiences
  • an untethered free-roam virtual reality arena
  • 21 powerful eSports ready computers
  • a full-sized lounge with free high-speed wifi
  • four iRacing cars in insane VR

You are welcome to come to Paradigm for parties with friends, school events such as homecoming or after prom, a free place to hangout, team parties, and virtual reality science field trips.

For more information about Paradigm, email [email protected] or call 765-977-9263.

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