Pizza Hut Vs. Happy Joes

Pizza Hut Vs. Happy Joes

Ella Oliva and McKenna Unger

This week, we went to two pizza places that are very controversial, Pizza Hut and Happy Joe’s. Most people either love or hate them. The slogan of Happy Joe’s is “Good Times To Be Together” and Pizza Hut’s is “No One Out Pizzas The Hut.” We ordered a medium hand-tossed pepperoni pizza from Pizza hut and a small pepperoni pizza from Happy Joes. We asked two people for their opinions on the two popular pizza places…

Ty Wilburn says, “Happy Joes is better than Pizza Hut.”

However, Anna Silversment disagrees with Ty by saying, “Pizza Hut is better than Happy Joes”

This was our opinion after comparing them:

Pros of Pizza Hut

  • Has more options for crust
  • Closer than Happy Joes
  • Cheaper
  • If you liked your pizza crunchier
  • Has a drive-through

Cons of Pizza Hut-

  • Hand-tossed is to garlicky (unless you like garlic)
  • Doesn’t look as appealing at times
  • Pepperoni was burnt on the edges

Pros of Happy Joes-

  • Pizza has more sauce (unless you don’t like a lot of sauce on your pizza)
  • You get more pepperoni on a piece than you would at Pizza Hut
  • Looks more appealing
  • Has a drive-through

Cons of Happy Joes

  • Pricey
  • Farther away


Comment which one is your favorite below!