Rumors of Orion

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Rumors of Orion

Ryan Fowler, Writer

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Welcome to the rumors of Orion, where we tell various rumors about Orion High school. Disclaimer: they are probably all true.

The forcefield is rumored to protect the football players from weather during practice. Many players agree that it is true. For example, it rains all day during school, but as 3pm hits, all weather stops around Orion for about 4 hours.


Do you know about a rumor concerning your forcefield?

“I did not know about this rumor till this class hour.”


How did you obtain such power?

“I am related to Thor and dated Mother Nature in high school. ”


How do you power your field?

“I have a little Thor hammer on my keychain, and I spin it before practice for about 20 minutes.”


What is the range of it?

“Just the practice field and the game field.”


How long can you maintain the forcefield?

” About 3-4 hours.”


What is your opinion on this rumor?

“Flattered and humorous.”


Most importantly is this true?

“Absolutely true.”



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