Album Review: YSIV by Logic

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Sir Robert Bryson Hall II or better known by his stage name of Logic released YSIV on September 28th, 2018. This album is the fourth and final installment in his Young Sinatra sires of mixtapes and albums. This album was much definitely shadowed by Tha Carter V by Lil Wayne which dropped on the same day, but Logic still finds a way to shine through the shadow.

YSIV is the 4th studio album by Logic. It is definitely a quick turnaround from Logic because he just realised the mixtape Bobby Tarantino II back in March of this year. But as Logic says in the song “Everybody Dies” “I’m sittin’ on five, unreleased albums…” this means we could expect many more albums from the rapper in the near future.

In my opinion, the songs on this album aren’t that memorable, the problem with Logic in my opinion, he fines one thing or something that bothers him and he just continually raps about it.This makes songs all feel the same and no uniqueness between the songs.  For example he mentions his race multiple times on this album. Also on this album he talks about his legacy on multiple occasions. This seems like that Logic is trying to make a legacy for himself like he wants people to think of him a certain way. He is trying to manipulate his own image in my opinion and it gets annoying when it is repeated on the album more than once.

Even though the songs dont feel unique, there are some good songs on the album such as “Everybody Dies”, “YSIV” ,and “ICONIC (feat. Jaden Smith)”. I would not recommend that you listen to this album from start to finish because songs tend to get very boring, repetitive ,and also tend to go on for too long, they seem to last forever.

All-in-all the album is good but definitely did not hold up to the high expectations that I had for it. I would recommend that you listen to a few songs and not the whole album. I would rate this album a solid 5/10. Not good but not bad.

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