Nikki and Morgan, Writer

Alright folks, strap yourselves in your big-boy seats because you’re about to experience the ride of your life. So as we all know, Mr. Johnson is our basketball coach, and history teacher. He grew up in Illinois like the rest of us, and went to Sherrard High School, then after graduation attended Blackhawk. He has lived a pretty normal Mr. Johnson life, but what if there’s something a little not normal? What if he is actually related to Adam Sandler? But this is not a question at all, he actually is. Let us explain. We’ve done some deep research on Mr. Johnson’s past and on Adam Sandler’s life, and we’ve had some very convincing interviews with Mr. Johnson to prove that our theory is true. Let’s dive in.

Mr. Johnson’s mom, Mary Beth, grew up on the east coast. When she was 15 she had a child with Barry Egan, a person that also attended her high school. They had a son and named him Adam, but he was put up for adoption because she didn’t have the resources to take care of them. She kept closely in touch with the family adopting their child, the Sandlers. After the adoption Mary Beth moved to the Quad Cities to stay with an Aunt of hers, because her mother was not very present in her life. Mary Beth married Mark Johnson and had four children with him. Their names all started with A’s; Andrew, Adigal, Alex, and Austin.

So if you don’t believe us at this point, here are some cold-hard facts. As we said earlier, Mary Beth grew up on the east coast, and Adam Sandler grew up in Manchester, New Hampshire, which is on the east coast. That means that the Sandler’s had to have lived close-by Mary Beth which is logical as to why she chose them to be Adam’s adoptive family. Another persuading point is that Adam Sandler starred in a movie called Punch-Drunk Love. His name in the movie is Barry Egan, which is his blood-father’s name. We believe he specifically asked to have this particular name for the movie to honor his real father. Also, if you haven’t noticed they share a ton of the same features. 

In conclusion, Adam Sandler and Mr. Johnson are half brothers. If you have any further questions, feel free to ask Mr. Johnson.