Caden’s Quotes

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Caden’s Quotes

Ryan Fowler

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Editor’s Note: These comments do not reflect the views and values of the Scarlet Ink.

For the past couple years I have been collecting some of Caden Jackson’s quotes. You would think, “Why him?” My reasoning is he does not always say the smartest things. He also doesn’t realize what he has said till a while later. We all have those friends but Caden exceeds their comments with these. Here are some prime examples.

  • “People don’t die in the military”


  • “I’m not a bagpipe”


  • “Why is the sun blue?”


  • “Why is there rust on my shoes?” *During pollen season


  • “He was gettin’ with it.”


  • “It’s not possible to have an extra chromosome!”


  • “There is 0 poverty in America!”


  • “Play bagpipes and take me home at my funeral!”


  • “What other things can I splatter on Ryan’s forehead?”


Overall, Caden has said some very stupid things in his life but we all have those moments of stupidity. Caden just has some more than the rest of us. Post any comments you have heard from your friends in the comments!