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Art of OHS

Karissa Collis

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This week’s featured artwork was created by Stephanie Collis and Genessa Anderson, who are both Art III students. For the hidden picture project, students had to find two pictures that they can somehow combine to form one picture. After finding their pictures, the students then sketched their drawings out on 11″ x 14″ cardstock. Once their sketch was completed, they began the stippling process. Stippling is the process where you mark the surface with numerous small dots or specks to form a picture. Value is then added to create the illusion of form. Darker shadows are formed by stippling heavier concentrations of dots, whereas lighter areas have less dots. There are no lines drawn on these pieces; every single mark you see is created by a series of dots. The process to create these pieces is time consuming, but as you can see, the completed pieces are amazing works of art.


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