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Back in the Day Tuesday

Olivia Engstrom, Writer

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Back in 1991…

  • On the day of the homecoming parade, the temperature rose to 100 degrees.
  • The football team had an unsuccessful homecoming game, with the JV team losing 6 to 36 and varsity losing 0 to 46 to the Monmouth Zippers.
  • The prom theme was “Hold on to the Night” and was held at the Rock Island Plaza. After Prom was at the Moline YMCA. Games like blackjack, roulette, wheel of fortune, 21, racquetball, basketball, ping-pong, and pool were played. Pizza Hut delivered pizzas all night and snacks and refreshments were also served. There were doorprize drawings every ten minutes too.
  • There was a speedwriting club called “Hot Lips,” which consisted of only 10 students who used headphones to listen to recordings of people reading at different speeds. The goal of this club was to improve students’ writing speed.
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Back in the Day Tuesday