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What to do When You Are Snowed In

Brooke Norberg, Writer

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In Illinois winter weather, you never know when school will get canceled, or if the weather will simply ruin your plans leaving you with nothing to do. Well, here are a few ideas to make your snow day a little less boring.

  1. Take a nap- This is a great opportunity to catch up on sleep from school.
  2. Binge watch Netflix- You can lay in your warm, cozy bed all day and watch a great show or movie. Some good options are How to Get Away with Murder, Pretty Little Liars, or The Office.
  3. Go outside- If you are brave enough to take on the cold, then go outside and have some fun in the winter wonderland.
  4. Bake- Find a recipe on Pinterest or on Tasty and bake away. It’s a great way to take up time and the end result is you get food.
  5. Find a new game in the app store- New games can become addicting and make time fly by. You can constantly beat your high score or tell your friends to get it and challenge them. Some fun games are Color Switch, GoPlane, or FriendO.
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