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Cross Country @ Amboy

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Yesterday the XC team traveled to Amboy to compete against 45 schools. It was a beautiful Columbus Day, but the course was not so beautiful. There were hills, sand, and acorns yet the whole team got their personal best. The team is in action for potentially there last time this year at Rock Falls for Regionals.

Maryn- 21:12                                                           Andy- 17:15

Brooke- 21:35                                                         Mason- 18:24

Alexandra- 21:46                                            Fresh Soph Race 2mi :

Morgan- 24:12                                                         Eli- 18:56

Lily- 26:00                                                               Cullen- 17:03

Claire- 27:32                                                            Nathan- 16:37



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Cross Country @ Amboy