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Volleyball Takes First at United

Sarah Jacobsen

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The Orion Charger Volleyball team was awarded first place at United this past Saturday. The day started early with a tough first pool play game against Illini Bluffs, going 24-22 and 21-19. Augustana Southeastern came out stronger in Orion’s second match, winning the first game 21-8. Orion then showed perseverance by coming back and winning 21-18 and 15-8. They then swept their last two opponents, Farmington and BWCHS, before tournament play. The squad then finished the championship games against Cissna Park with parallel games, both 21-16. Come and support volleyball as they play their last two conference matches against Fulton, Tuesday the 10th, and Rockridge, Tuesday the 17th. Photos courtesy of Julie Hopson.

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Volleyball Takes First at United