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How to properly own a Sphynx Cat


Having pets is overly popular in the world. Most people have dogs or cats, however a lot of people are allergic to the fur from these animals. But have you ever considered an alternative option? Sphinxes’ are a breed of cat known for their lack of fur. These cats have a long, narrow head with lemon-shaped eyes. Their whiskers may be visible. They can be either whole, broken, or possibly not even there at all. They have extremely muscular and powerful necks. They have webbed feet and pot bellies. 

This breed of cats have very delightful and friendly personalities with an adorable appearance. They’re social and sweet cats. However, they do require special care and attention compared to normal cats. There’s a lot you need to know about these cats to keep them well-groomed and to keep their skin healthy. These cats need to have a strict, healthy diet. They need to eat lean meat, such as chicken, turkey, salmon, tuna, and shrimp all to maintain their physique. When they have more food, it reduces the oil in their skin. When they have a lot of oil in their skin, it can seep into your couch cushions and bed sheets. It’s also very important to give them baths frequently, but not too frequently. If they’re bathed too often, their skin will dry out. In order to give them a proper bath, invest in gentle cat shampoos that are soap-free and made with natural ingredients, like coconut oil. Be sure to also pay very close attention to their paws, their paw pads that are much thicker than other cats, so grime can accumulate between toes and cause infections. After their baths are finished, fully dry them off with a warm, soft towel so their skin doesn’t get chapped. 

On a similar note, these cats should not be let outside. Sphynx cats are very prone to sunburns. When their skin is exposed, using cat sunscreen is advised. Human sunscreen cannot be used because it’s very toxic to them. This breed can develop pigmentation marks on their skin after being exposed to sun repeatedly. If, for some reason, they’re going outside, they should be under constant supervision. 

While these cats require a lot of care and consideration, they’re very social, playful, and entertaining pets. They’re a very affectionate and loving breed of cat. They love to spend time with people, they also enjoy the company of other animals, including dogs. So, these cats are a great investment if that’s what you’re looking for in a pet. 

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