Senior Moments

Senior Moments

Karly Wampler, Writer

High School has been some hard years for the seniors. Throughout the years we had to do schoolwork, sports, and clubs. The thing that made it extremely difficult was Covid. Covid happened our freshman year, and lasted until our junior year. The only normal year of high school for us was this year. Because of this, I want to take a look back at some of the most memorable moments from our high school years.

Freshman Year:

This year started out normal like every other year. Sports were in full swing, there was no such thing as social distancing, or Covid. Covid didn’t start until spring break. We didn’t think that we would be shut down for the rest of the school year. We went to e-learning, and it was optional. If you did it, it couldn’t go against your grade. You could only increase your grade.

Sophomore Year:

This was never a normal year. We had to go to school Monday, Wednesday, Friday. We got out at 2:00, and on Tuesday and Thursday, we were at home e-learning. We had to do social distancing the whole year. Desks were moved so far apart, and masks were worn. Lunch was ate in 3 rooms, and sports were all messed up. The only fall sports were cross country and golf. There was no homecoming either. Football and volleyball weren’t played until February. Every season was shortened, and spring sports were the only sports to have a postseason.

Junior Year:

This was a much more normal year. While we still had to wear masks until February, social distancing was gone. Sports were back to normal, and so were school dances. This year was much better than the last year.

Senior Year:

This year was the only normal high school year for us. We had a great senior year too. From a record breaking soccer season, to flipping a table at football games. Homecoming to prom, it was all a really good year. Even though we are ready to leave high school, there definetly will be some things that we will miss from high school.