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Mix It Up at Lunch – Opinions

Joshua Eastin, Writer

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This Friday, October 6, is Mix It Up at Lunch Day, a day in which students sit in different seats at lunch. But what do students think about this? To find out, I interviewed students and have collected their opinions to share here.




“I think it is a good idea that will get kids to come out of their comfort zones.” -Ty Wilburn

“I think it sounds like a cool idea.”

“It’s a cool way to talk to people who you normally don’t have the opportunity to [talk to].”

“We’re doin’ it, might as well.”



“I already like my select group of friends and everybody else is mean.” -Rylee Wells

“It is stupid and people should be able to sit where they want to sit with their friends.”

I like my friends and a lot of the students in the school are not my friends.”

“I’m not comfortable talking to anyone outside of my friend group.”


After collecting these opinions, I spoke to Reece Holst, one of the students helping to organize the event, and he said the following:

“The Mix It Up at Lunch Day is a great thing because it gives students an opportunity to break down barriers and meet new people they’d never meet otherwise. It teaches students tolerance and respect for other people. In addition, an atmosphere of respect created simply by students acknowledging their presence has been proven most effective for students dealing with depression.”

What do you think? Feel free to leave a comment below.


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One Response to “Mix It Up at Lunch – Opinions”

  1. Sydney Lopez on October 6th, 2017 10:50 am

    I don’t think its a good idea because most people, like me, are not comfortable around others they are not used to.


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