Why ‘Everything Everywhere All at Once’ is life altering


The wildly creative and original film, Everything Everywhere All at Once, is one of the greatest movies of all time. The movie just recently won several awards at this year’s Oscars, including Best Picture and Best Original Screenplay. This movie takes you on a wild and emotional roller coaster while switching through a span of genres. Everything Everywhere All at Once, has you going from one universe to another and at the same time has you jumping from things like action to horror. This film circles this idea of self-reflection through its plot and it covers the idea that there are infinite versions of yourself that exist, but in the end it comes down to what choices you make to create that specific version of yourself. The sci-fi drama follows Evelyn, a laundromat owner who is obviously unhappy with her life, and is stuck in a marriage that is falling apart with her husband, Waymond. She is also having issues with her daughter, Joy, as she fails to accept that she has a girlfriend. Through everything that Evelyn is dealing with, she gets sucked into the multiverse which then leads us into the wild and extremely creative journey. While Evelyn is in the multiverse, she explores the many different versions of herself and discovers how different her life could be whether that be positive or negative. The final scenes of this film put an amazing end to this movie. I don’t want to spoil how the film ends, but for some context, I didn’t leave the movie theater the same person I was when I walked in. Everything Everywhere All at Once, is a 10/10 film and I 100% recommend taking some time to watch it.