Ja Morant


The Memphis Grizzlies point guard Ja Morant, was seen at a strip club a night after his game. He was seen with naked girls, in a room full of his tips to them. According to The New York Post, “At the club, the Grizzly turned horndog, paying for four dancers and bottle service, and chowing down on a jersey-busting spread of food that appeared to include a basket of hickory-smoked wings, two platters of chicken strips and fries, and a steak, according to the insider and photos.” Ja Morant has just signed a deal with nike and is putting his career at risk. Not only was he seen doing all of this, he was also seen holding a gun at this strip club. This is very bad for his platform, and even though he wasn’t threatening anyone, this is still a serious allegation. Days before there was another allegation against him from last July. This allegation states that he was playing a pick up game with some guys, and got mad at a 17 year old boy and went into his house and brought out a gun. According to the New York Post, “A 17-year-old filed a lawsuit against Morant after he and a friend allegedly pummeled the teen over a dozen times during a pickup game last July before the hotshot went inside and returned with a gun visible in his waistband.” These allegations could affect his NBA career, and potentially lead him to sit out of many future games.