Why Valentine’s Day Shouldn’t Be A Holiday


As you all know, February 14th is a day celebrated around the world with flowers, cards, and fancy dinners. Valentine’s Day is a day to show love and appreciation to loved ones. But, why only one day a year? Here are my top reasons why Valentine’s Day is a dumb holiday.

  1.  Why only on February 14th? People shouldn’t need a special day to show love. If you only do something special for your significant other once a year, I think you are doing something wrong. It is silly to only celebrate love only one day of the year.  It is honestly so pointless.
  2. It can be hard for single people. It is just another reminder that you are alone, and that could potentially make you depressed.
  3. It creates unrealistic expectations. People get so much pressure to make their loved one’s Valentine’s Day extra special. People expect to get the perfect gift on Feb. 14th, and when they don’t, people argue about how they don’t know each other well enough, which causes separation. And, Valentine’s Day is a very common time for couples to break up.
  4. It is honestly so expensive. To try and get the perfect gift for your loved one on average costs around $175 per person in the United States, according to forbes.com.
  5. It materializes the true meaning of love. It makes people feel like they have to buy gifts to show their significant other that they love them, when it honestly shouldn’t be that way.

As you can see, Valentine’s Day has so many bad things about it. Between all of the money spent and the pressure put on people, I think Valentine’s Day is pointless and shouldn’t be a holiday.



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