Silver Dollar City’s “An Old Time Christmas”


Rachel Bowers, Writer

Alright. Most of you have probably never heard of Silver Dollar City, but I bet after reading this, you wish you would have. Silver Dollar City is an 1880’s theme park located in Branson, Missouri. They have a holiday event lasting from November 5th-December 30th called “An Old Time Christmas”. Each year, it is estimated that 400,000 people attend during the Christmas season. They have over 6.5 million lights, an 8 story tall Christmas tree, live holiday shows, great food, and so much more. They have to start putting up lights in July because of how many they have! Here are some special things S.D.C. has, and my opinions on them. Just to let you know, I went a few weeks ago and saw almost every show and was there from opening to close because of how close this place is to my heart and family. I love how they are not afraid to show their Christian values, and many aspects of the park are religious.

Top 5 Shows:

1. The Living Nativity- This show is my personal favorite at S.D.C. I love how they are not afraid to show the true meaning of Christmas. We get to experience what the first Christmas was like with Jesus’ birth many years ago.

2. Grandpas Christmas Story- This is not necessarily a show. Grandpa is telling us the true reason for this holiday season. This was originally on a train when you would ride through the whole city and then go into the woods to hear Grandpa tell his story. Unfortunately, the train derailed earlier in November, and they had to move it on stage. But, it is still so amazing. (I was not able to see this one because when we were there a few weeks ago, they still did not where to put him for his storytelling).

3. Coming Home For Christmas- This show is brand new to S.D.C. this year. This half-million dollar production has 14 singers and 4 live band members. It is 45 minutes of amazing talent and so much Christmas spirit! My personal favorite song was O Holy Night, but every song was amazing!

4. Rudolph’s Holly Jolly Christmas Light Parade- This musical procession consisting of 9 lighted floats, and dozens of characters goes through the city twice a night. The parade has a 14-foot moose character, 12-foot tall elves, and 10-foot candy canes. Just the parade alone contains over 200,000 lights. It is such a joyful parade that you would not want to miss.

5. A Dickens Christmas Carol- This show has been around S.D.C. for almost 20 years. This 60 minute show is a great representation of the Christmas classic “A Christmas Carol”. They use ” humor and inspiration to share the story of redemption, hope, and the transforming power of one simple prayer”, according to They also have a live band and some awesome special affects!

They have amazing shows and fun rides, but the best part is the joy that you can find there during the Christmas season, and the nostalgic feelings it brings.


Silver Dollar City sparkles with Christmas magic