Ghost Stories, Part II


Karly Wampler, Writer

Everyone has heard that one ghost story at some point in time. That one where it scares you because you can’t imagine the terrible things that are supposed to happen. Ghost stories are told across the country, and mostly come from haunted places.

One person had a crazy experience with a ghost. She said that her neighbor’s daughter had died, and the father asked her brother to look after the pets when they went on vacation after the funeral. She, her brother, and her boyfriend went to the house to take care of the animals. As the boys went to the basement, she went to the room where there was a grand piano. She wanted to play it because she loved grand pianos. When she was playing it, she kept feeling something on her ankles, but nothing was there. Then something grabbed her ankles, and she ran to find the boys. Her brother then told her that the little girl used to play a game with her father. When he would play the piano, she would grab his ankles and move them up and down on the pedals.

One happens at Huntingdon college in Montgomery, Alabama. In 1910, a young lady was new to the college, and was known for loving the color red, and being a loner. As the first semester went on, she got increasingly isolated. Eventually, she took her own life by slashing her wrists. She was found in a red dress, drenched in blood. After that, students and faculty have reported sightings of a woman in a red dress, thinking in isolation.

Another happens in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. A school had taken children on a field trip to a museum in Gettysburg to learn about the history of the Civil War. A group was walking down the stairs from the second floor, and saw an apparition of a young boy, in Civil War-era clothing, standing on the landing. After a moment, the boy vanished and the children ran to the bus.


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