Hunger Drive

Hunger Drive

Hailey Schoutteet, Writer

Every year the River Bend Food Bank holds a student hunger drive and asks the schools in the area to collect food and funds for people that may not have as much. All of the food and funds are used to support programs that distribute food to over 400 hunger-relief partners across the 23-county service area, providing food for children and adults facing hunger. The hunger drive event first started in 1965 and since then they have been able to provide over 16 million meals to those in need. In 2021 an estimated amount of 53 million people accessed food assistant programs across the whole US.

From October 3rd to November 10th students in our school and in the Orion community work together to get as many non-perishable goods. Students will pack the collected food and deliver it to the River Bend Food Bank ‘s Davenport warehouse at the end of the competition. We came into 2nd place for the overall 23-county service area so we should definitely push for the first this year!

Mrs.Nightingale and student council hold this event every year. I asked Mrs.Nightingale a few questions about this year’s hunger drive and here are her responses. (Not word for word)

How many pounds of cans do we have so far? “Right now we only have 1,500 lbs and our goal is 14,000 lbs.

How do you think this year’s food drive is going? “Extremely slow, Homecoming week really altered the attention it typically received because it was the main thing that was going on at the time. We are low in donations so hopefully they will be rolling in soon”

As she stated we are very low on donations right now so if there are any canned goods in your home, your neighbors, families or friends homes, please check with them and bring in as much as you are able to. Remember there are also prizes to this as well. The 1st place prize is a lunch (and dessert) of your choice, the 2nd place gets snacks and dessert, raffle tickets are being drawn every Friday for a gift card, and well a good feeling in your heart because you helped someone out in need.

WHAT WE DO: Student Hunger Drive