Homecoming Week


As all of you know, this week is HOCO week. This week is easily the most exciting week of the whole year because there is just so much energy in the air. This week is filled with a lot of school spirit and class competitions between the grades. This year, there was a competition between all 4 grades to see who had the most class spirit. Here is a list of each day and the winners:

Tuesday: Western- Sophomores

Wednesday: U.S.A.- Sophomores

Thursday: Celebrity/Jersey- Sophomores

Friday: TBD

The theme for this year is outer space. It is not the easiest theme to decorate, but our cheerleaders did an amazing job decorating the whole school. It really makes all of us feel like we are “out of this world”.

Last night, at the pep assembly, we all got hyped for the homecoming weekend. The homecoming court was announced, and then the king and queen were crowned. Congratulations to Blayden Murdock and Ariel Nelson on being our 2022 Homecoming king and queen! A few minutes later, the football team was announced. Shortly after, Chip Filler talked for a couple minutes about their season. After that, the cheerleaders performed such a great routine. Then, we moved onto the class olympics. Groups of five had to do sit-ups, cheer kicks, jumping jacks, push ups, and cheer burpees. Great job t0 everyone for participating, but the Juniors did come away with the win. The senior moms and son dance was performed for us, and we all enjoyed it. For the fall sports competition, the soccer team made it look easy, as they also walked away with the dub. Then, for the tug of war, the senior dads took down their sons. Unfortunatel, the JV football team beat the Varsity team in the tug of war. It was a good fight, but JV outnumbered the Varsity. At lunch, the cheerleaders were fundraising for Christmas for Kids, and whoever’s bucket got the most money got pied in the face. Chip had the most money in his bucket, and got pied last night. To close it out, the cheerleaders performed Ra-Ra to get our school spirit to its max.

I hope you all have a great Homecoming weekend! Have fun and enjoy!