12 Year Old Uses Camera Scanning App, to Discover Her Landlord Spying on Her


Skylar Dale, writer

With technology advancing, cameras are getting smaller and smaller, now criminals are hiding them in things like charging outlets.

On Thursday, the Martin County Sheriff’s office said detectives arrested Bruce Wayne Grady, a 61 year-old landlord accused of spying on his 12 year-old tenant with hidden cameras.

There are several apps that have camera scanning technology that can find these hidden cameras, even if they are as tiny as a charging outlet plug in. Martin County Sheriff’s office Deputy, John Budensiek says these cameras are becoming more common.

“It’s not just outlet cameras that you have to be concerned about, it’s also smoke detector cameras, but really anywhere there’s a power source, you can also do it with batteries too. These cameras are so small if the suspect has access to Wi-Fi, you could be vulnerable at any time” says John.

According to the police reports provided by Martin County Sheriff’s office, the 12 year-old girl discovered the camera when she was trying to plug in her computer in her bedroom.

Once getting to the house, the preteen’s father found Grady inside. Gardy explained to the father in what he was doing, “electrical work, it’ll be done shortly”. The detectives said the father was unaware of Bruce Gardy coming into the residence to do work. He (the father) usually gets a notice, but he never got a notification of Grady coming to the house.

The 12 year-old girl downloaded a camera scanning app, according to the report, her app stated that there were unknown cameras inside of her home.

The landlord went to the girls house Sep. 17 do to “electrical work” and then the police were called on Sept. 30. The cameras were in the house for nearly two weeks.

Bruce Grady was charged with one court of video voyeurism, this was Bruce’s first offense, says NBC News.