NBA Preseason


Karly Wampler, Writer

The NBA preseason kicked off Friday, with many teams excited about this season. Friday’s game featured the Golden State Warriors vs. the Washington Wizards. This game was held in Japan, and the Warriors beat the Wizards 96-87! The Japan games ended Sunday with the Warriors beating the Wizards again, 104-95. The majority of teams have played at least one game, but 4 teams have yet to play. 14 teams have lost at least one game, while 12 teams have an unbeaten record. The Toronto Raptors are on top of the Eastern Conference, while the Golden State Warriors are on top of the Western Conference.

This preseason will soon start to show some insights on how the regular season will go. Most teams seem to be promising, but some are showing something completely different. The Washington Wizards is one team that is showing some unpromising results. While they did lose to the Golden State Warriors, who are the reigning NBA champs, and also did play some solid basketball, bettmakers are only giving them 35.5 wins this season. That is a terrible record prediction for this team that has some talented players. The Portland Trail Blazers are also on the bottom this year. Fans are not sure how they will do, although Damian Lillard is looking promising once he got in his rhythm for the game, which was his first game he played in 9 months after undergoing abdominal surgery.

While it is still early in the preseason, we are starting to see some insights on some players. The preseason will end on October 14th, and the regular season will start on October 18th. The Celtics will host the 76ers, while the game most fans are waiting for is the Warriors hosting the Lakers on opening night. Who will you root for this season? Let us know in the comments.