Body of Man from Moline, Illinois, Missing for 28 Years Found in Missouri


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Shallow depth of field image taken of yellow law enforcement line with police car and lights in the background.

Skylar Dale, writer

The body of missing person Steven Asplund has been found and identified. Steven Asplund from Moline, Illinois, missing for 28 years has been found in St. Louis County. The Moline police department criminal investigation division identified the human remains in St.Louis, Missouri

Steven Asplund was reported missing on January 9th, 1994, on a Sunday evening, Steven went to a friends residence on 20th avenue in Moline, to borrow a caulking gun. After awhile Steven left his friends house in a black Ford Mustang and was never seen again.

A few days after his disappearance, Stevens car was found at Leach Park in Bettendorf.

Then on March 21st, 1994 a body was found in St. Louis, by barge dock workers. The body was in a debris field next to a barge docking area. Attempts by St. Louis County authorities to identify the body in 1994 were not successful.

In 2022, a Forensic Anthropologist with St. Louis County medical Examiner’s office. The investigation team compared the Moline missing person case, trying to ensure their NAMUS entry was correct. On June 8th, the unidentified were exhumed in St.Louis and a bone sample was obtained from the remains. On September 6th, 2022 the unidentified remains were that of Steven Asplund, missing from Moline on January 9th, 1994.