All about Mrs. McCaw!


Tekail Barnes, Writer

Carrie McCaw is a substitute teacher who loves to teach. Mrs. McCaw went to college and got her master’s degree in social work, with a specialization in child welfare. She had jobs as a hospital director of social services as a therapist for children in foster care, as a crisis Intervention Specialist and in private practice.  She stopped doing social work to stay home and raise her children, which is so sweet. Where her children were both school-aged, she went to work in her husband’s office, where she served as an office manager for 16 years. Once her kids were moved out she didn’t have the need to work school hours. She said, “I became disillusioned at the extremely low pay at re-entering my career; add to that very little time off to tend to my aging parents and to travel, meant I was looking at a high stress job with not enough personal benefit.” She decided to substitute teach 2 years ago, she said, “I wanted to work, love kids, and wanted flexibility in my schedule”. She said she loves subbing because she is getting to know “The best group of students!!” She said she loves having discussions with us, seeing what we are learning, helping if she can, and getting a lot of joy from friendly smiles. She said “I hope I can bring joy to the students and make them feel comfortable and confident”  and she wants each student to recognize their potential and to feel good about themselves, added that “Hopefully knowing there is one person out there who cares about them and wants them to succeed makes a positive impact”. Mrs. McCaw is a very nice, chill, and influential teacher that is loved by all. Mrs. McCaw is always welcome with open arms!