NBA In-Season Tournament Plans

NBA In-Season Tournament Plans

Karly Wampler, Writer

The NBA season is almost here! With that many fans are getting excited. Now, the NBA came out with some plans for an in-season tournament that could happen as soon as the 2023-24 season, and many fans are having mixed feelings about this.

The tournament would last through the month of November. It would consist of teams playing in “cup games”, and they would count as regular season games. The top eight teams would advance to single-elimination games. The top two teams who go to the finals, will be awarded with an extra regular season game. While the eight teams are playing in the tournament, the other teams out of the tournament will resume playing regular games. The top eight teams will earn an award that is still undecided.

The regular season starts in mid-October however most fans do not consider the season started until the Christmas Day games. The NBA wanted to excite the fans before Christmas, so they decided that a tournament would be the best way. The NBA also wanted something to get fans to root for their teams before the playoffs in April. The NBA saw that the WNBA’s Commissioner Cup was such a success, they wanted to do one to excite fans. This tournament is going to be based on the Commissioner’s Cup, so many WNBA fans will recognize the format.

There are still some negotiations going on between the NBA and the NBPA, so this tournament may take a while to really get into a perfect picture. Although this sounds amazing, most teams are not so sure this will be a good idea. They are worried about the fans caring, and players getting hurt. Would you watch the tournament? Comment your thoughts below.