Senior’s Most Memorable Moments


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Bianca Schnerre, Writer

As a senior my most memorable high school memory had to be the COVID-19 pandemic. I can still remember the day that I was sitting around the tv in the commons during my gym class, the last day before spring break, while I and my classmates and teachers were watching President Trump on the news addressing what was going to happen to schools and essentially the country. Looking back it feels like that moment could have been something you’d see out of a cheesy, dramatic end of the World movie. Anyway, online school began for all of the schools K-12 and it was pretty foreign and interesting to see how teachers and students navigated through their online learning. For example, I know that some kids didn’t touch their Chromebook during E-learning, since they were not penalized, and others continued to work on their assignments and were able to raise their grades.

Since we’re almost graduating, I decided to ask some of my classmates what their most memorable high school moment was.

“It was Monday, February 7th. We had a basketball game against Monmouth Roseville. It was almost the end of the second quarter, we were on defense, and I was trying to block this girl from getting a lay up, and then she knocked me in the head with her elbow. I was laying on the floor and I had a seizure and I was taken to the hospital. Then, I was out of school for like a month.” – Thea Brown

“When I broke my tailbone the night I got my septum pierced. I was walking back to my car and slipped on ice and got a concussion from falling on my but too hard.” – Jayde Bainter

“Blowing up balloons in the hallway, today.” – Britani Trujillo