How to Study


Olivia Thomsen, Writer

It is that time of year and we are winding down. But first we have to get through one of the hardest weeks in the school, and that is finals week. It is a stressful time for all of us, because we just have one more week but that week is full of tests. We are so close but so far away from being out of school. Here are just a few tips so you can focus on finals for this last week.

  1. Make the most of your class time – Most teachers give you time in class to study! Use this time to study, and not mess around. It is a lot easier to study at school than at home, where you have distractions. 
  2. Create flashcards – Notecards can help you study and organize all that information you have to crame in before the big test.
  3. Stay Organized – This will help you focus and make sure you are reviewing all the right information.
  4. Find a good place to study – Find a place where you won’t easily get distracted and can’t focus on your information.
  5. Attend any review sessions – Teachers provide study sessions to help you, and you should definitely utilize them. They made the tests so they know exactly what you need to know. 
  6. Take a break – Give yourself time to refresh, so you do not get overwhelmed or stressed out. 
  7. Test your knowledge – Make practice quizzes and practice taking them like it is the real thing.
  8. Reward yourself – After the test reward yourself with a treat or something. You can also do this after a long good study session. 

What are ways you will study for your final test or project in your classes?