Why Subway is Better Than Jimmy Johns

Why Subway is Better Than Jimmy Johns

Emily Hickerson, Writer

Many people have different opinions on whether Jimmy Johns or Subway is better. In my opinion, Subway is no doubt better than Jimmy Johns. These are my main reasons why Subway is better. 

Reason 1 is that at Subway, there are unlimited options on what to put on your sandwich. There are tons of different breads, vegetables, sauces, etc. Subway also has many other options too such as salads, cookies, pizza, chips, etc.. While at Jimmy Johns the menu is the same few things such as only 2 types of bread.

Reason 2 is that Subway is definitely cheaper than Jimmy Johns. Subway offers a few $6 footlong sandwich options while Jimmy Johns offers an 8 inch sub for around $6. Subway also has a ton of meal deals that Jimmy Johns doesn’t offer. Subway’s chocolate chip cookies are only $0.59 while Jimmy John’s cookies are $2.15. That is a huge difference in price.

Reason 3 is that Subway is a healthier fast food option. Subway compared to Jimmy Johns definitely has faster service. Subway is also considered a fast food restaurant while not serving greasy and fried food.

Reason 4 is that Subway has healthier options than Jimmy Johns. Subway makes a bread that is specifically for people who want to focus on low calories called the hero bread. Subway also has different options such as salads if you don’t feel like eating a sandwich but still being healthy.

In the end, Subway has clearly pulled ahead of Jimmy Johns and is the better restaurant.