Things That Annoy Me


Britani Trujillo, Writer

  • When people use their phones while I’m talking to them – I hate this because I just know you aren’t listening to a word I’m saying, even if you tell me that you are. If you dare hit me with the “huh?”, I’m gonna stop talking.


  • Screaming children – Screaming children are not cute anywhere. Like, who are your parents and why’d they bring you here?


  • Chewing with their mouths open and talking at the same time – If you’re eating, just eat, don’t try to communicate with me, please.


  • Long days – Long days are the worst days, because how do you fall asleep for 5 hours and still have 10 hours until you normally go to sleep?


  • When someone’s shoe is untied and they ignore it – How can you ignore the constant shoelace whacking your shoe? Does it not bother you?


  • When someone is singing a song and they get the lyrics wrong – If you’re singing a song and don’t know 100% of the lyrics: stop singing, please.


  • Posting very vague captions on social media – If I get on instagram and your latest post has a caption like, “You know who you are” I’ll be pretty confused, because why are we mad? I need a backstory. 


  • Starting a sentence with “no offense” – Don’t say this, because we all know it’s going to be offensive.


  • Reading my message and not responding – It’s worse when the read receipts are on. Like I know you saw it, answer literally anything and I’ll be fine. I don’t care if it’s an awkward emoji that has nothing to do with the conversation.