Fun Facts From March Madness


Olivia Thomsen, Writer

College basketball is almost over after a long season. The NCAA March Madness tournament that once had 68 teams now has two teams about to play in the Championship game. This game was played on Monday the 4th. This game took the court at 8:20. The two teams playing in this game are North Carolina and Kansas. After being down at halftime by 15. Kansas was able to have one of the biggest comebacks in history. They were able to pull off a 72-69 score by the end of the game.

A new name everyone seemed to be surprised this year was the New Jersey Peacocks from a small school named St. Peters. This school is a small school with only 3,500 students. St. Peters was ranked 15th and was able to fight their way to the Elite Eight. They were the first 15th ranked school to make it that far! This school’s budget was 7.5 million dollars, which is way below how most other teams spend.

Every year the basketball fans make brackets to predict the outcome of the March Madness games. Everyone is hoping and shooting for a perfect bracket. But this year, no one was able to put one together.

One of the big upsets in this tournament was when St. Peters beat Purdue and Kentucky and made it to the Elite 8. Another was when Houston beat out Arizona. Arkansas was also able to beat out Gonzaga to advance to the Elite 8. Miami was able to advance over Auburn. Iowa State was also able to win over Wisconsin. Michigan also was able to advance over Tennessee. Those are just some of many.

Did you watch the Championship game? Did your bracket do well this year?