Olivia Thomsen, Writer

Orion Track and Field has started, and we are ready to start meets! But before you go to a Track meet you should know a little more about this sport and what happens!

Track and Field has been around for a very long time! It started in Ancient Greece 776 B.C. but men were the only ones allowed to compete. They had this event to show how athletic they were. Track and Field rose to popularity in the year of 1860. It began to rise in England and this helped it rise to popularity in the United States.

Track and Field allows many different running and jumping talents! Many people are not aware of all the different events that track offers! The standard track size is 400 meters, but inside tracks usually range from 200 – 300 meters. Track allows distance runners to run 3200 and that includes 8 laps around a standard track. It also includes 1600 (1 mile/4 laps) and the 800 (2 laps). Sprinting events include 400 (1 lap), 200 (half a lap), and 100 (¼ of a lap). Track meets also include a hurdle event that may include running a 100 while jumping over hurdles and 300 hurdles which includes 300 meters including hurdles. You may also participate in long jump where they measure how far you can jump. Also high jump that includes how high you can jump. The last main jump is even in the pole vault where you jump over a tall bar with a pole. 

So, now you know a little bit more about the sport of running track. Will you be watching your fellow classmates compete this year? Our first indoor meet is March 12th, and the first outdoor home meet is March 29th (Girls only) and April 19th (Boys only).