Favorite Vacations and Memories


Olivia Thomsen, writer

Every summer you look forward to going on that trip with your family that you have been planning for months. Some people travel to the mountains and some travel to the beach. But so many memories are made with friends and family. These memories stick with us! These are just a few of your classmates’ favorite places they have gone to and memories from those trips! 


Eric Thorndyke – Starve Rock in Illinois -“You can get ice cream and go hiking, and there are beautiful waterfalls to go see.” 


Bianca Schnerre – Arkansas -”I got to tube and fish! The weather was very nice, and Rogers has great scenery!”


Olivia Thomsen – A cruise and we stopped in Mexico – “Our boat ventured through a tropical storm, and this made the boat very rocky and scary. I got motioned sickness and I might of puked in the dinning hall, but the unlimited food and things to do really helped make it the best vacation.” 


Kaitlyn Wilburn – Mexico and Punta Cana -”There were pros and cons to both vacations, but food and water were better in Mexico! The service was also great in Mexico! But I was in Punta Cana longer than I was in Mexico!”


Luke Moen – Norway – “It was a lot of fun seeing all of my family again.”


Gus Nedved- Canada –  “Going to Canada was cool. Luke caught so many more fish than me, they were all bigger too. It was alright though.”(A momorie from Luke moen of this vacation with Gus Nedved)


Mary Morh – Disney World in 2016 – “I got to dance in the parade with my dance team.”