Cost to Travel to The Super Bowl


Olivia Thomsen, writer

How much did it cost football fanatics to get a seat at the Super Bowl on February 13th?

The Rams played the Cincinnati Bengals at their home field at the SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, CA. On average the Superbowl attracts 102.1 million viewers each year. The LA stadium can hold about 70,000 people but may expand to hold up to 100,000 people. This stadium just opened in 2020 and is now hosting the Superbowl. Well, it was not easy getting tickets to attend this game, and it definitely was not cheap.

Most of the ticket sales came from the state of California, but don’t worry, it was represented at the game and held about 4% of the ticket sales on StubHub. According to CBS News, the price as of Saturday was still going up and cost about $3,875 to just get in (resale price). The average cost per ticket, according to CBS News, was $6,697 (resale price).

These sales went up compared to when the Rams played in the Super Bowl 3 years ago when the price averaged $2,900 – 4,300 per ticket. Tickets were generally high this year compared to past Super Bowls! Keep in mind these prices are resale prices, and if you were a very early bird or season pass holder, you could receive a more reasonable price.
When or if you traveled to the Super Bowl, you would have probably needed a place to stay for a night or maybe even two. Well, hotel prices near the stadium in California averaged about $445 a night. Most hotel rooms were to 100 percent capacity in and around the area.

Even with the spread of covid still quickly spreading around this area in California, this game brought around an average amount of 150,000 visitors to and around the area. This will bring almost $477 million in revenue to the surrounding area, according to The Hollywood reporter.
Would you have liked to have traveled to the Super Bowl this year?