NFL Games


Olivia Thomsen, Writer

A total of 8 teams versed each other in 4 games last weekend! There were many upsets and many surprises! Many people were looking forward to an Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady Super Bowl faceoff, but it looks like that will not be happening this year!

On Saturday, January 22nd, the Bengals played the Titans in Tennessee at the Titans’ home field. At the end of the game with just a few seconds on the clock with the score being 16 to 16. With just those few sec Evan McPherson kicked a field goal, and the clock ran out. Cincinnati Bengals won the game with a score of 19 – 16 and moving on to this coming weekend, where they will play for a spot in the Superbowl.

Another game was played on Saturday, January 22nd, in Green Bay. The Packers played the 49ers, and it ended in a shock to all Packers fans. The weather in Wisconsin was very cold, and it even started to snow in the 2nd half of the game. The Packers started the game with a lead 7-0, and they were able to hold this lead for most of the game. But the game was tied by the 4th, and with only 4 sec left Robbie Gould kicked a field goal winning the game for the 49ers! This was a shock for many Aaron Rodgers and Packers fans as they will not be playing in the Superbowl. The 49ers will play this coming weekend for a spot in the Superbowl!

On Sunday, January 23rd, the Rams played the Buccaneers in Tampa, Florida. This was yet another close game. The Rams were holding on to quite a nice lead throughout the entire game. But by the end of 4th quarter, they were tied up, and the game could have been anyone’s game. But the Rams Matt Gay was able to kick the ball gaining the lead of 30 -27 when the clock hit zero, meaning that Tom Brady will not have a place in this year’s 2022 Super Bowl game. The LA Rams came away with the win, and advanced to the next round of playoff games!

The Kansas City Chiefs also faced off against the Buffalo Bills on Sunday. The Chiefs were leading 23 – 21 going into the 4th. They held a lead for most of the 4th, but with 1 minute and 54 seconds, the Bills scored a touchdown gaining the lead. There was still enough time for the Chiefs to score a touchdown, and they tossed the ball to the fastest guy in the NFL and did just that. The Chiefs held the lead, but with just 19 seconds left the Bills got a touchdown. There were three seconds left on the clock and the Chiefs called a timeout. They were then able to kick a field goal, tying the game, and going to overtime! In overtime the Chiefs got a touchdown winning the game!

Who are you rooting for?