Movie Review: Sing vs. Sing 2


Ava Terry, Writer

Sing vs. Sing 2

Sing 1 left the audience with the perfect ending. However, Sing 2 is exactly what we didn’t know we needed. They go to Redshore City in hopes of becoming famous. This city reminds me of Los Angeles because all the big stars live their and it’s known to make dreams come true. Sing’s main conflict is Buster Moon trying to save his theater. Sing 2 goes more in depth about the obstacles the other characters face. A secret star is brought into the film and brings tons of emotion. The final performance alone was enough to excel over the first movie. As well as  the soundtrack being perfectly put together for all ages to love. Sing set up a great plot and introduced us to the characters.  However, Sing 2 definitely outshined the first movie with the amazing talent and storyline.