Top 3 Mall (in my opinion)

Gracie McHenry

Mall of America

This mall in Bloomington, Michigan is known for all of its rollercoasters and attractions. In the mall there is the Nickelodeon  Universe with over 25 rides and rollercoasters. If you like exhibits, they have a Sea Life Aquarium. They have an underwater tunnel where you can walk under all sea life. Also included is an interactive exhibit where you can interact with sea plants and creatures.

American Dream Mall

In East Rutherford, New Jersey is the second largest mall in America. With 3 million square feet. This mall has interesting attractions including a tilt museum which is an original 3D street chalk museum. Big Snow, which is North America’s first and only indoor year round ski-resort. If you feel like a total water slide pro you may enjoy the Thrillagascar & Jungle Jammer water slide at the Dream Works Indoor Water Park. The water park is the largest indoor waterpark in North America and is year round.


Ala Moana Center

Honolulu, Hawaii is home to a large shopping mall with more than 350 stores, and including more than 160 dining options. This mall opened in 1959 with 2 levels and over 80 merchants, becoming the largest mall in America. This mall has a 20 foot climbing structure, which was inspired by an ocean wave. The play area is free to the public, so while kids are having fun parents can walk around and shop. There are many luxury brands such as Prada, Bulgari, Chanel, Dior, Gucci and many more. If you’re looking for small inexpensive things they have a cool flip flop maker shop. You can design your own pair of flip flops with beads, patterns, and colors.