Dream Jobs

Dream Jobs

Hayley VanDuyne, Writer

With second semester starting, we seniors are really starting to feel the pressure of having to decide what next year holds for us. Not only the seniors are asked the “ what do you want to do when you grow up” question though and most of us really have no idea. What you want to do now will most likely change as you go into whatever you decide to do after high school. High school is a time to learn what our strengths and weaknesses are but also what can we see ourselves doing for the rest of our lives? I find it sort of funny that as 17/18-year-olds, we’re supposed to have the answer to that question. We have spent our whole lives being told what we’re doing 5 days a week and now we’re just supposed to figure out what now?  So instead of asking peers what their after high school plans are, I decided to ask what their dream job was. 

Emily Hickerson –  “A Surgeon”

Melania Meisenburg – “Becoming a helicopter pilot and then to Montana State to become a vet” 

Izzy  Nordstrom – “If I was creative, a fashion designer or in another world a pro mermaid” 

Mermaids are real guys. 

Avery Monson – “design robots/software  or  become a robot master” 

Mary Mohr- “Travel the world and go to Mars” 

Gus Nedved did not have an answer but I’m sure he would do something cool. 

Luke- “Get my money from Isaiah” ($9 to be exact)