What Are Your Pet Peeves?

What Are Your Pet Peeves?

Kaitlyn Wilburn, Writer

This week I went around and asked people what their pet peeves are. Before we begin, I will start with mine. My pet peeves are biting nails and people talking over me. Now, on to other students’ responses.

Q: What are your biggest pet peeves?

Britani Trujillo: “when stickers don’t peel off nicely”

Gracie McHenry: “people who breathe really loudly when they are just sitting there”

Eric Thorndyke: “oh, that’s complex, come back to me…

Bianca Schnerre: “when people don’t cancel the timer on the microwave when it’s done”

Olivia Thomsen: “chewing with your mouth open”

Makayla Rascher: “when dogs lick their mouths”

Brody Straw: “whenever I’m trying to focus and all I can hear is loud *chomp chomp chomp* gum chewing”

If some of you didn’t know or couldn’t tell, a pet peeve is a particular thing that bothers you every time you encounter it. The name loosely comes from how you nurture pets and how this one bothersome thing is also something you “nurture”.