Christmas Around The World

Christmas Around The World

Jennie Abbott, Writer

Christmas is celebrated differently throughout the world and within each household. Family traditions are what makes the season so special. 

Across the ocean in Barcelona, Spain, Christmas is one of the most celebrated holidays. “Tio De Nadal” (Christmas Log) is a Catalan tradition. A log is given to the children at the start of the Christmas season. The children must take good care of it, covering it up to sleep and making sure it is well fed in order to receive gifts on Christmas. 

When Christmas Eve or Christmas day arrives, the children are asked to leave the room to pray for generosity. The family members do the “trick” and exchange the log for gifts under the blanket, surprising the children for taking care of the log all season long. 

A Tio De Nadal mysteriously showed up in the Spanish classroom days ago…


Hiding a pickle is a strange tradition that has become very popular during the holidays for many families in the U.S. Although most people have assumed the tradition originated in Germany, the true origin is not known. Many students at Orion enjoy this tradition in their own homes. Nadine Boos loves this yearly game because “[she] gets a present out of it”. The Faulkners hide a pickle every year and Joseph says it is a “challenge and fun with the family. We hide it super late at night so no one knows.” Mimi Carter says she wants to find it first because she gets to “open up the first present on Christmas” 


World traditions help make the holidays a special time, unique to your country, family, and household.