Almost Second Semester Seniors!


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Student Studying Hard Exam and Sleeping on Books, Tired Girl Read Difficult Book in Library

Hayley, VanDuyne

Almost second semester seniors! 

The best and worst time of year is here everyone. A time of holiday cheer and finals stress. As the countdowns to break are everywhere these days, I decided to ask a few fellow seniors how they feel about being almost in our second semester. 

“Stressful. I want the year to end but I also don’t want the year to end you know?”-Brittani

“I want to end with better grades.” – Kaitlyn

“I want second semester to end and I want this year to end.”-Haylee

“ I feel pretty good about it.” – Christian

I asked Mackenize this question and at first she responded with “ Oh gosh.” then with 

“I’m not ready for that but I am at the same time.”

Overall, the feedback I got was a lot of mixed emotions! We all are somewhat ready to move on but also being in the “real world” sounds hard. We got this and we have time! It’s strange that people expect 17-18 year olds to have their whole lives figured out right now. All of our post graduation options going to be there all of our lives. Give yourself time and space to breathe!