Weirdest Dreams pt.2

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Britani Trujillo, Writer

This week I asked a few more people to share with me their weirdest dreams.


Jayde Bainter- “My weirdest dream is dinosaurs chasing me, my brother, and my cousin around my basement in circles. They chased us for hours. Kinda scary.” 


Gracie Mchenry- “Once I had a dream that Jayde gave me a foot massage and during this my dog ate 3 sticks of butter.”


Abby Watson- “When I was nine around Easter time I had a dream that I was in the little back gym with my class and Jesus. He was about to get taken by the soldiers and my classmates were hiding him. And when he was about to be taken I replaced him and died on the cross for everyones sins.”


Kira Hemphill- “When I was 12 I had a dream where everyone in the world was either a banana or a turkey and were chasing me around.”


Leah Manning- “November 29th sometime between 4am-7am, so I was on this roller coaster and as the ride was about to start this girl stood up and got off. So after this ride, this girl Theresa and I go to find her and we go into this building. I have no idea how we got there and we are checking all these rooms when I hear a scream, so I walk into this room and there’s desks everywhere and blood smeared everywhere. And in a desk was the very slumped body of Theresa and of course that’s when I woke up.”


Dream 2- “Sometime when I was 7-9 during the summer I was at my grandparents house and I was standing at the end of the driveway or maybe in the road. The house is to my right, garage to the left attached to the house. Long-ish driveway with a sidewalk across so my mom is walking across the sidewalk chasing a black cat when she slips and falls. I think it was raining and the floor of the garage flips and two people on pool rafts float out on lots of water.”