Trees Matter

November 19, 2021

Trees Matter

Trees are very important to every living thing on this earth. It is important for us as humans to make sure that we are taking care of them, and making sure that we are not doing anything to harm them.

There is a recorded loss of 36 million trees each year. We do not stop to think exactly what they provide us though. Trees provide us with a number of different luxuries, one of them being heat reduction. They provide us with an enormous amount of shade, which helps cooling temperatures because they cool down many surfaces as well. Trees also have the ability to reduce flooding, which can be a very serious problem. They absorb water and reduce runoff into streams. Trees also act as a water filter, which means the water we drink was made cleaner due to trees. They also provide homes to millions of animals, and every time a tree is cut down: there goes the home of at least 10 animals if not more than that.

There are many things that you are able to do in order to help maintain trees. One of the things is keeping what you have in your yard “kept up on”  and even just not cutting the tree down or digging it up. You could allow the trees to grow on your property and even help them to stay alive by taking down any branches that may be completely dead or are dying. Even if you do not want to get involved and go out of your way, you can help by just keeping yourself educated.

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