Redistricting in Illinois


Eric Thorndyke, Writer

Every ten years, per the US Constitution, a nationwide census is conducted. From the census, states are able to create US House districts of similar population. The results of the 2020 census are now being used to draw up US House districts, which will be in use until 2032.

Most states gerrymander their districts, meaning they draw the boundaries in such a way that it obviously favors one party. The only way around gerrymandering is to have an appointed commission draw the districts, rather than the partisan state legislatures. However, most states have no such commissions, making the redistricting process an important aspect of american elections.

Ten states have redrawn their maps already, including Iowa and Indiana. Most others have at least one map under consideration. To take a look at all of these maps, visit FiveThirtyEight:

While Illinois has not finalized a map, the one currently under consideration is significantly different than the previous version. In fact, residents of Henry County (which includes most of Orion School District) will switch districts.

Below is the current map of Illinois US House seats. Currently, our county is a part of Illinois’s 17th district, represented by Cheri Bustos.

Next is the proposed map for 2022 onwards. District 17 is stretched out much more, and no longer includes Henry County. Rock Island County, which includes Moline, East Moline, and Rock Island, will remain in District 17.

Finally, outlined below is the district that Henry County will be in, should the updated map be approved. Two incumbents live in the district, although one (Adam Kinzinger) has said he will not run again.