Bound and Determined


Haylee Denney , Writer

I would never be able to imagine being able to run a marathon let alone being able to run the distance of one each day for 95 days straight. Well believe it or not a girl by the name of Alyssa Clark decided to do that after the pandemic hit. After the lock down she made it her goal to run the distance of fifteen marathons but then she just kept on going! Each day she went out and just ran. Clark said that she was bound and determined to continue to push herself to do better each day. When she wasn’t outside running she was inside running on her treadmill. On her 96th run she very unfortunately ended up having to stop due to feeling ill. After all of that hard work she put forth she ended up getting a Guinness World record for running ninety five marathons in ninety five days. It looks like putting a lot of time and effort into something really pays off!