Why compromise is important?

Eleanor W, Writer

As time progresses forward we see as our society becomes ever more divided. Because of this coming to agreements on even the most basic things we as a society struggle. Such small things like the popular media argument about a dress color. 

People on the largest argumentative social media platform went crazy. 

This was a year-long debate that brought in celebrities, and political figures. 

Though this was mostly an innocent argument, not all on this app are. 


This may be a little debate that holds no significant effect if compromise is not achieved. 

But this same idea on a bigger platform has much greater effects. 

If you have any type of political knowledge in the past years you would know about the drama that occurred during the 2020 election. Our country, which has been growing ever more divided over many small things, was pinned against each other. This caused protest and unrest for months in our nation that is still felt by many.  


This also stops the ability for progressive laws to be passed. In order for ideas to become laws they have to go through a lengthy process that relies on votes. This is to keep everything as fair and functional as possible. A brief run down of our law making process. You the voter vote people into office. This lets you decide who you want representing you politically. But in a divided nation there ends up only being two options from which you can choose from. So then you and a group of people have an idea that you think should become a law. You suggest this to whoever is running at the time. If this person believes this idea also as something that should be a law, they will send it to other elected officials. This is where a divided nation comes into play. An idea has to go through many layers of voting. If one place in these levels disagree they begin to debate their point. This is all good until voting comes around and no one is willing to come to any compromise. This results in a ping pong effect from level to level to who has the most power in that level. This goes on for a while and the same people who suggested the idea become inpatient and go to other places to express their opinion.


Some of the most popular places are; Twitter,FaceBook,Reddit, ect. 


This results in an argument, and falls back over to the top.


If we continue this cycle of becoming divided and unwilling to waver on our beliefs we will not be able to achieve the progress that we continue to desire.